first love never dies

"i am confused" was my friend's response when asked who he's voting for president. i think that's a good position to be in. probably too late because tomorrow is already the elections but still good nonetheless. i think that everyone voting tomorrow should go through that process. of you know? thinking, weighing and then deciding.

i have been vocal about supporting nicanor perlas since november 2009. it was a rather easy decision. so who's to say that i never went through confusion after that has been made. who's to say that i am not capable of jumping ship. noticeably, i was silent the past couple of months. i listened, observed, took notice.

i admire gibo for his eloquence and erap for trying to bounce back. i like that villar is very determined, gordon for his track record, noynoy for his promise of clean governance, jamby for being a passionate environmentalist, god-fearing bro eddie and jc for his youth.

after a second round of self debate, tomorrow, if i were to vote, it will still be nicanor perlas on my ballot. why? because all the traits i admire and like about each of the candidate, i see in nicanor perlas. he is convincing as a consultant and advisor to several national and international bodies. he bounced back after he was exiled for 10 years in the united states for strongly opposing the operation of the bataan nuclear power plant. even without enough funds and after having been initially disqualified to run due to this reason, he still showed his determination. he's got an impressive track record, including awards such as the alternative nobel prize. he is the face of non-traditional politics of non-corrupt governance, who at the age of 60 is still looking youthful. thanks to soccer. 

most importantly, amongst all candidates he is the only one who has a platform that will bring forth a new philippines that's true and profound coming from a sincere perspective. read about it here >>>

win or lose, nicanor perlas...for a new philippines.


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