i want to add another verb to my mantra - livelaughlove&sing. i've been thinking about play. and it could be thought of in a lot of ways but i'm particularly interested in the verb play, as in play an instrument. yep, i should have had piano lessons when i was a kid. i remember kids going to summer classes and it was usually a choice between piano lessons and swimming. i wonder why my parents wanted me to have voice instead of piano lessons when clearly singing for me was innate. nuuk!

in highschool, the guitar was the "in" instrument to play. naturally, it got me interested and so i started picking up. i remember my ex who is such an excellent guitar player saying he practiced in his sleep. i obviously didn't have that much passion so i left the guitar playing to him and the singing to me. now, i can only blame myself. all i know is the d-a-g-a combination. nuuk!

what to play now?! what to play now? i see the uke loitering around...bwahahaha...


April 14, 2010 at 5:47 AM Francis Oliverio

hhhhmmm that got me, laugh, love, sing and play...i like the idea a lot. play an instrument or play as in treat the things that you are doing as play.

can i add one more thing?

work. i like work to be added to my mantra because if i am playing while i am working, then every second in life is worth it. ;-)

April 14, 2010 at 5:49 AM Francis Oliverio

ukelele is one wonderful and powerful instrument. go! it really takes me to places when i hear an uke playing.

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