after 6 months of careful driving

6 hours and 40 minutes ago, i wanted to scream these exact words "ngano kailangan man jud mo dutdut?
di ka kahuwat sa imong torno? ka klaro anang naa ko sa sakto nga lane. mao na! kay muhimo jud ug lain nga linya!"

if only the driver got out, he would've eaten those words and more for breakfast. he stayed cowardly inside the bank armored car. no face, no silhouette whatsoever.

i was fuming mad! i was flushed all over. but i kept my composure, stood outside of my car in the middle of the road and glared at the driver. i checked my car for any dents and scratches... none?! odd, but ok! stood outside for a couple more seconds then drove off.

2 hours and 3 minutes ago, after careful inspection, this was what i saw! almost an inch deep car dent after 6 months of careful driving!

waaaahhh! now i want to strangle the driver who hit me. and he didn't even bother to check! how could he?!

now, i will have to spend for this! waaaaahhh!!! to the driver of the bank armored car...i hate you!!!


October 8, 2009 at 8:57 AM Lead Character

you didn't get the plate number? what's the rule diay for things like this? kasayang oi!

October 8, 2009 at 9:13 AM JAbbeRedONiON

i didn't get the plate no. the rule is to call citom. i didn't because i thought wala ray dent. peste kaayo...

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