learning mandarin

after a few days in mandarin class...
an exchange of SMS

me: wan shang hao. ni hao ma?
clarence: wo hen hao... xiexie!
me: bu keqi. zaijian.
clarence: xianzai ji dian?
me: xianzai shi yi dian ling er fen. jiantian ji hao?
clarence: jiantian shi si yue jiu hao

in english...

me: good evening. how are you?
clarence: im fine. thank you!
me: you're welcome. goodbye.
clarence: what time is it now?
me: it's 11:02. what day is today?
clarence: today is the 14th of september

yes, we're talking nonsense.
with the limited vocabulary and for the love of learning, we tried conversing in mandarin.


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