honesay lang ba (just being honest)

and so a lot went on earlier today where i work. i had a lot of things going on in my head at that time. my misses...if they were completely mine that is, made me think if my job is on the line. i was afraid i'd succumb into the same fate as my friend. that would only mean another goal down.

i was thankful to my boss who was sensitive enough to realize that what happened affected the hell out of me. and he made sure he gets to reach out to me to tell me everything's fine and that we learn from our misses all the time.

disappointed to some, who in one way or another influenced my decision thereby causing the miss and yet too coward to admit or plainly playing incognito in the situation. while this is how i really feel, im battling this with my belief in the good of every person and that maybe he just wasn't aware he did have that influence.

so thanks to my friends who listened to me vent and saw me cry out of frustration, anger and disappointment. i will certainly take time to have an honest-no-offense-meant-chat as this is what im good at anyway.


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