voracious, voracious, voracious, an adjective that means having an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit. like obama, who is voracious in studying national security issues. like leadcharacter, my friend, who is a voracious original dvd/cd collector. like several of my friends, bong and oslec and all those who are voracious in perfecting the art of photography. like me, who isn't at all a voracious reader.

voracious. :-) i like using that word. right after i heard sheryl (my friend in the office) use it, i made sure every statement i say has it. i am a voracious fan of it. and yeah, even if it won't make sense? i still use it coz the more i do, the more i remember the word. it's such a voracious feeling. hahaha. see?


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