for the coming year - 2009

while there are people excited and looking forward to the new year, i am just plain about it. maybe because i am not the type who plans and looks at the future so frequently. but because it's a tradition for people to come up with a list of to do things or resolutions for the coming year, i decided to join the bandwagon. the list is not written in the order of preference or any order there is.  

to travel outside the country. i've been invited by a special person for a trip outside the country and i will try to make it happen early this year no matter what. i owe this to my self.  

to hit the 100k mark in my bankbook. i've been saving since 5 years ago but the amount never reached to the 100k mark because i didn't manage my finances very well.  

to be regularized in my current position. it's been a challenging ride so far and there's so much more to learn. when i finally get this on paper, it'd be an accomplishment.  

to complete a whole year of photoblogging. day 1 of 2009 will be the start of a new online activity. the idea is to post one photo a day of me from my camera phone. this will be a lot easier i suppose compared to taking a photo of something interesting which was the initial plan.  

to be happy and have a positive outlook. of the 5 on the list, i believe this is the toughest. now even with the previous line, i already have problems achieving positivism. 'nuf said, i can do this.


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