pre-menstrual crap

i am so pissed off today that i want to scream. this is definitely not the mood that i want when im dressed to kill, no pun intended.

i can't believe that i spent almost half day completing a report. i feel so dumb looking at it and i hate it when i don't know what im doing. where's the person assigned to do this? gawd!

then there are these people who can't understand simple instructions. how many times do i have to repeat myself? can't they hear me? "please keep your voices down, there are people taking calls." and the noise still goes on. aargh!

plus we abandoned two calls because three of the assigned people to take 'em were on meeting. shit, shit, shit!

when i was about ready to feel better, hoecst shaved off my brows. well, not all but he left only a line, which made me look older. huhuhu!

let me have a breather please!


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