1. twitter #notetoself

    ah yes! i just couldn't keep my fingers from typing away. 3 messages sent.

    a day after, a reply. in my email inbox. 

    "I got your message on twitter, and not quite sure how to respond to be honest."

    if the feeling was ever mutual, it wouldn't be hard to respond to. you are not missed. period. #notetoself

    "I avoid any conversation about my personal life... with anyone. It's not an easy topic and certainly much more difficult having to discuss with you." 

    isn't it obvious? there is somebody else. #notetoself

    "Know that all is well, and that I strive to be healthy and stress free."

    and here you are stuck, unhealthy and stressed. #notetoself

    "You deserve not just happiness, but true joy."

     i do. we both do. one great love. 
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  2. no names

    sometimes people choose to call each other by terms of endearment.

    i have geng, tih, miga, reng, idol, pakner, dae, brad, ses and so many others. 

    the one we had is my favorite. 

    now, we don't even call each other anything. not even our names. 

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